Top BollyTalk about CityLights movie

CityLights is upcoming Bollywood movie releasing this Friday – 30 May, 2014. CityLights is starring National Award Winner Rajkummar Rao and debutant Patralekha in main lead. CityLights is directed by National Award Winner Hansal Mehta.

Rajkummar Rao and Hansal Mehta already worked together in “Shahid”, and both has won the National Award for Shahid under two different categories. Both are expected to repeat the same magic on silver screen with CityLights movie.

Recently, 26-minutes footage of CityLights shown to few members of media at an event attended by Mahesh Bhatt and cast of the movie.

Top BollyTalk about CityLights movie

1. Alia Bhatt was teary-eyed after watching CityLights.

“After watching the film, I was speechless. It was outstanding. We already have a national award winner, Rajkummar Rao in the film. But Patralekha, this is her debut film and she has acted so well which I don’t think I can ever touch upon,” Alia said in a statement

2. Debutant Patralekha has a challenge for her.

“Hansal Mehta and Rajkummar have already done ‘Shahid’ and have set a standard, so I had this pressure to maintain the standard set by them and that was a huge challenge for me,” Patralekha said.

3. CityLights is not lesser than Aashiqui.
“Citylights is an emotional love story which is in no way lesser than ‘Aashiqui’,” Bhatt said here Wednesday during the promotion of the film. He also added, “It is a love story of a rural Indian and it has a heart, which is far more poignant and far more relevant to today’s India”.
4. Rajkummar Rao got drunked for CityLights.
“I don’t drink but I didn’t want to fake it. So I asked Hansal, who is experienced in these matters, on the drink that I should be having. On his advice, I started off with vodka. I had about two pegs but nothing happened. Then I started downing a few more and after about five or six pegs, I was completely gone,” revealed Rajkummar.
5. CityLights has high emotional quotient.
Bhatt says, “The emotional quotient is miles ahead of Metro Manila and one needs courage to make this kind of a film. I feel a good film is like a fire if you touch it it must burn.”

6. Bhatt has given directorial freedom to Hansal Mehta.

Hansal Mehta says, “I was surprised when I reached the sets on the first day in Rajasthan. I didn’t see Mahesh Bhatt there. There was absolutely no interference from Bhatt saheb. He called me and said be fearless, have honesty and audacity.”

7. Anwita Paul or Patralekha.The main female lead in CityLights movie, Patralekha, is actually Rajkummar Rao’s girlfriend Anwita Paul. Patralekha is the screen name provided to her.

8. CityLights is an Indian adaptation of British film Metro Manila.

CityLights Movie Poster - Release date 30 May 2014

CityLights Movie Poster – Release date 30 May 2014

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