Shahrukh Khan Special – Family for life

You must have read previous article of this special series about Shahrukh Khan his romantic heart, his status as “King of Romance”, his love for his family, friends and his work. You must see some awesome facts about Shahrukh Khan personality, have you not seen previous parts of this series. (Shade 1, Shade 2)

Family Person – His Better Half
(Personality Shade 3)

Shahrukh Khan is well known for his love, affection and caring nature for his family and friends. It is always clear from his attitude that he is a kind of person who feels himself incomplete with any kind of distance from any of the family member and/or friend. His regard and care in all of his relationships makes him a special person.

A nice person is one who respects and care for everyone around him/her including self.

Shahrukh Khan for wife Gauri Khan

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan lovingly used to call ‎Gauri Khan 'Gaurima' during their courtship years. Cute isn't it.

Did you know Shah Rukh Khan lovingly used to call ‎Gauri Khan ‘Gaurima’ during their courtship years. Cute isn’t it.

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Chhibber (pre-marriage name) both are from Delhi, and first met in 1984. Both married to each other before Shahrukh’s success in Bollywood, at 25 October, 1991. Since then, they are together and caring for each other.

Shahrukh Khan Affairs (all controversies were smartly buried before it rises)

As we informed in previous article of this series, Shahrukh Khan is only one among other superstars of Bollywood, who remain bound to single girlfriend and/or wife. In fact, Shahrukh is never stuck into BollyTalks about his affair with any of his co-actress. When Shahrukh Khan and Kajol was most popular pair of their time, and a guarantee of hit – superhit movies, everyone was waiting for rumors about their affair. At that time Aamir Khan was titled as “most dedicated husband” in Bollywood, and there were rumors about relationship problems with his first wife.

This was the time, when Ajay Devgan restricted Kajol to work with Shahrukh, and a rivalry reported between them. But this was a genuine step of any Indian husband. Kajol continues guest appearance in Shahrukh Khan – Karan Johar movies which is OK with Ajay. Shahrukh and Ajay neither appeared as best pals, nor rivals, except movie release dates clash, which is not uncommon in Bollywood.

After release of Josh movie, Gauri Khan was declared most safe wife (in jokes), as Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai were twin brother-sister in the movie.

Visionary Partner of Shahrukh Khan

Gauri Khan is visionary partner of Shahrukh Khan. She shares all of his visions and dreams, and gives her best to fulfill them.

Gauri Khan is not only producer of Happy New Year, but also made title appearance in credit song of Happy New Year.


Farah Khan says Congrats gauri khan.. Ur concept home store DesignCell is just fabulous

Farah Khan says Congrats gauri khan.. Ur concept home store DesignCell is just fabulous

Shahrukh is also known to take every possible care of her with all possible means. He takes care of her religious sentiments as well. She is also free to set her career in any direction she likes, though there is no such financial requirement for them. Both are faithful to each other. She is allowed to be a part of business plans of Shahrukh Khan, is really a great gesture of him and more power to house wife in India.

Shahrukh Khan Love for his child

SRK with AbRam in end credit song of HNY

SRK with AbRam in end credit song of HNY

SRK love his kids a lot. He love his daughter Suhana Khan a lot. The love is too respective that he is writing a book from his experience so that she can fulfill her dream of being part of bollywood. On the other hand he want to take time to teach his kids as well. He son Aryan khan is abroad for best studies. He always ready and give them due advices and suggestion like a father, friend and intelligent person. The Badshah of Bollywood doesn’t mind to take any steps, when it comes to the safety of his kids.

His little son AbRam Khan came into world with few interesting controversies. But he is the one who resemble with SRK a lot. AbRam Khan was born in May of 2013 to Shah Rukh and Gauri through surrogacy. He was born premature and hence had was in hospital for a long time initially. Shah Rukh was slammed with cases of pre-natal sex determination post the birth of his youngest child and he was gravely hurt by this.

SRK is the true gentle man and perfect star in bollywood who has huge list of hit movies in India and worldwide. He can act anything. But he know how to take care his family and keep them entertaining.

Shahrukh Khan with Complete Family

Shahrukh Khan with Complete Family


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