Salman and Aamir – Real or Record Friends?

Oops the new bollywood talk – Salman Khan and Aamir Khan Friendship?

A reality or a cheat with fans for number game.
Many of Bollywood members and fans believe this is the most popular friendship in B-town among two big superstars, and we also hope so. But a new gossip is taking place in our gossip capital (Bollywood).

Salman and Aamir

Salman and Aamir

Every gossip uses some facts and few basis. And the argument, we hear for this gossip is: Both Salman and Aamir have huge fan followings in Bollywood. Both have different personality with great charisma and attractions and likewise their fan following around the world.

So What their Fans Expect??

Salman Khan fans love to watch a action hero with perfect body, lot of action, comedy and little bit of emotions in a masala movie.

Aamir Khan fans love a movie with strong script, strong characters, social message(s), and emotions to the extent possible.

And the gossip on Salman and Aamir starts here:

Since last few years, both the stars are using each others screen identity in their movies. Additionally, both the stars appreciate each other upcoming movies in their style that their die core fans must go for that too. From previous few years, both the stars were trying to use their combine followship for their films. And the results are awesome….records, record break and more records.

Everybody knows that Salman Khan was wearing Aamir Khan Dhoom 3 hat in many occassions to promote the movie And the results are known to everyone………must say awesome.

Now Aamir Khan too giving it back to Salman Khan. He is continuously tweeting “Jai Ho” release date countdown in his official twitter page. Probably you will love to see:

Aamir Khan Jai Ho Promotion

Aamir Khan Jai Ho Promotion

So What is actually going on…..
Are they real friends?
Are they using each other fan following?
Is it just a part of number game?
Is it a new trend in Bollywood?
Are the top stars being paid for it?
Is it an attempt to leave others behind?
Or is it just another Gossip?

We know one of the above is there for sure, and we hope that this is friendship only. And if it’s rumor somehow then it will (hopefully) die itself, before it spreads, or damage the reputation of both the superstars.

But one thing is for sure, no one should their fans dedication for number game.

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