Phullu Movie Trailer on Sanitary Napkins is an eye opener

Bollywood has changed, so the content of new movies release in now a days. Here is one interesting movie matching similar topic as of Akshay Kumar starrer PADMAN. PHULLU, a movie on sanitary napkins will release in cinemas before Akshay Kumar starrer PADMAN on same topic. Phullu is a man who dares against the world sighting to make women’s life easier. In a famous dialogue from the movie, he believes that “jo aurat ka dard nahee samajhta bhagwan ussey mard nahi samajhta”

Phullu discusses the most untouched social issue of Women that was hard enough to discuss even at home a years ago. It is believe that after 70 years since Independence almost 70% of our women are still not free to talk on the matter freely. A man, Phullu, from South India understand the issue and want to work for this group. He faces many difficulties to fulfill his dream of helping women all over, but he never skipped the idea. Finally he become able to make a pad factory for all the ladies of his village in less price. The movie is said to be inspired from some true stories as per trailer.

Review Rating: 3 Star
Movie Name: PHULLU

Trailer Duration: 2:03
Genre: Social Drama
Leading Actors: Sharib Ali Hashmi, Jyotii Sethi & Nutan Surya
Director: Abhishek Saxena
Producer: Pushpa Chaudhary, Dr Anmol Kapoor, Kshitij Chaudhary & Raman Kapoor
Movie Release Date – 16 June 2017

Phullu movie poster on sanitary napkins all over

Phullu movie poster

Sanitary Napkins are important issue that should be dealt with utmost care. It’s really hard to think of making a movie on this topic, and it takes immense courage to share thoughts with world with all sensitive considerations, that do not hurt anyone. There are many viewers who will appreciate the effort and courage of making such movies but it will be interesting who will go to cinemas to watch these movies. The movie can be another flop or and eye openers for millions but the prime idea would how it is communicated to viewers.

Akshay Kumar is a big brand, so his movie on same topic will attract many eyeballs to visit in cinemas. But what about this movie without any big celebrity or anyone to create buzz for it. Let the makers to consider all these important factors before for marketing and promotion of the movie, so more and more viewers becomes familiar of this issue. Rest all depends how the director has communicated this very sensitive point to the viewers and his efforts behind.

Trailer of Phullu Movie on Sanitary Napkins

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