PARMANU trailer leaves you spellbound

Word of Mouth may play big role for PARMANU success

The first nuclear test by India is a huge history. It shook many nations, with or without nuclear power. And it really takes courage to make movie on such topics. Now a days. Bollywood movie lovers are loving movies inspired from true events so Parmanu can do huge at box office if trigs well. Performances of leading starcasts and direction is going to play major role among any other thing. There John Abraham, Diana Penty and Boman Irani so it’s going to be entertaining for sure, but how direction Abhishek Sharma has directed it will be helpful to boost word of mouth promotion for the movie.

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PARMANU trailer will entice you for the movie

Parmanu movie trailer makes it exciting to know more about the story of Pokhran. It connects you well with the context. All content rich action and drama movie lovers will like the trailer. The box office performance of the movie may differ as most of the viewer always prefer to spend time and money for big movies. Once can simply imagine the craze and box office performance of PARMANU if there would have been a much popular actor.

The Story of PARMANU

The film is based on the biggest secret mission ever undertaken by the Indian Government where five nuclear bombs were tested in the Pokhran range in 1998. The movie features John Abraham, Diana Penty and Boman Irani in lead roles.

PARMANU Movie Authentic Trailer

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Movie Name: PARMANU: The Story Of Pokhran


Review Rating: 4 Star


Trailer Duration: 2:26 mins


Genre: Action


Leading Actors: John Abraham, Diana Penty


Other Actors: Boman Irani


Story Writer: Saiwyn Quadras, Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh and Abhishek Sharma


Director: Abhishek Sharma


Producer: Zee Studios, Kyta Productions, JA Entertainment


Production: JA Entertainment


Presents: Zee Studios and Kyta Productions


Movie Release Date – 25 May 2018


Content: Excellent


Box Office Prediction: Hit


Game Changer: Word of Mouth


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