NH-8: Road To Nidhivan movie Authentic Trailer

NH-8: Road To Nidhivan movie is a paraphychological thriller movie, based on mysterious conception of Nidhivan. The movie is written and directed by Munindra Gupta, and produced by Sunil Goel & Niharika Jha. Movie is edited by Prakash Jha and DOP is Miles Rangaswamy. The movie star-cast includes Auroshikha Dey, Ravneet Kaur, Satyakaam Anand, Arjun Fauzdar and Swaroopa Ghosh.

The movie is claimed to be inspired by popular mysterious stories of Nidhivan. A group of friends plan to witness and discover truth about Nidhivan. A road trip starts from Mumbai to mysterious Nidhivan. Nidhivan is a place near Mathura, and well-known for rumors about Lord Krishna’s raas-leela every night. It is also rumored that if anyone tries to find truth about these rumors or be available there at nights, (s)he goes missing.

Rumors are always controversial about truth. We can’t predict the truth covered in movie. NH 8 team has tried to make the trailer interesting enough by hiding the entire story but just revealing the fear. The trailer may work if it clicks for certain audiences or word of mouth publicity may work in favor of the movie. The main focus in trailer is not to reveal any concept of the movie, which became the biggest weakness of this trailer. Trailer is very unimpressive, but we hope for a better movie.

NH-8: Road To Nidhivan movie release date is 17-April, 2015.

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