Met Real Fan of Salman Khan

Before this Sunday, I thought that I was real fan of Salman Khan. I always had up-to-date information about him. I watched all his films, including that his guest appearance. Every Tuesday, I go to Hanuman Mandir to pray for him. I want all his films to be record breaking.

Last Sunday, I was going somewhere. I was standing in a DTC bus-stand, waiting for bus. I saw a blind person trying to cross heavy traffic road. Suddenly, a youngster (may be a college boy) came, and helped him.

When blindman thanked him, he replied, “Don’t thank. Help three people instead when you get any chance, and tell them to do so.” There were few more people waiting at bus-stop. Everyone laughed including blindman. Blindman asked “Salman ke fan ho?” He proudly said “Yes.” I said “Bhai fan to hum bhi hain. Its good you helped this person to cross the road. But the message is too much. Jai Ho craze is over now, Iss se koi farak nahi aayega.”

To my surprise, he said “It doesn’t mean, I stop following my superstar.” One senior citizan at bus-stop told “Whatever is your reason, but you are doing a good job. All the best to you and your superstar.”
The blindman also told him that “I’ll try to help others whenever possible. But I can’t promise to repeat the message. It will dare me a lot. But I will try.”

Me too..senior citizan said.

I sometimes helped others. But I don’t think I will dare enough to repeat this message. But I know, there are many other real fans of Sallu Bhai, who follow him and his movies. I decided that from this Tuesday, I will also pray for his courage. And remaining days, I will ask courage for me to do so.

Met Real Fan of Salman Khan was last modified: April 14th, 2014 by Nikhil Gundappa