Khwaabb Movie Authentic Teaser

Khwaabb is upcoming bollywood movie on sports. The most differentiating point is that rather than one athlete or sport, movie focuses on two athletes: a swimmer and a sprinter. Khwaabb movie is story of their dreams,  their struggles and their aspirations. Their non-stop endeavorment till they succeed.

Khwaabb - Dreams and Dedications

Khwaabb – kuch khwaabb zindagi se bhi jyada haseen hote hain, aur kuch maut se bhi jyada bhayanak. Kuch khwaabb puray hone par zindagi haseen ho jati hai, aur kuch khwaabb …..
kuch khwaabb puray hone tak neend hi nahi aati. Aise hi khwaabbo ki daastan hai – KHWAABB.

Khwaabb movie Authentic Teaser


Khwaabb Movie Detail Info

Khwaabb Movie Detail Info

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