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Salman, Shahrukh and Aamir Khan together in a picture

An amazing comparison of 3 Khans in Bollywood – Shahrukh Vs. Aamir Vs. Salman

An amazing comparison of 3 Khans in Bollywood (Shahrukh Vs. Aamir Vs. Salman) Enough said and enough written about top 3 khans of Bollywood. It’s always been a popular topic…

Anushka Sharma says SRK smells good

Anushka Sharma winning hearts

Professional and gorgeous Anushka Sharma is a real-life example of success  with golden heart. May be, this is reason of ever-increasing friends-list of the diva from Bollywood and outside. Anushka…

Cacophonic Invasion micro-movie Poster

Cacophonic Invasion micro-movie Poster

MYORA in association with Smriti Utpal has recently launched its upcoming micro-movie “Cacophonic Invasion” poster in Delhi. Multi-talented Amit Pathak is writer-director-actor of Cacophonic Invasion. Amit has been graduated from…

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan rare picture

Shahrukh Khan Special – A Perfect Performer

The fact is that all your family, friends, rivals and loveable personality play huge role in someone’s life. And so the attitude of a person towards life matter a lot….

SRK with AbRam in end credit song of HNY

Shahrukh Khan Special – Family for life

You must have read previous article of this special series about Shahrukh Khan his romantic heart, his status as “King of Romance”, his love for his family, friends and his…

Shahrukh Khan Shared Show done…match over…met team..bak to work on film. Amazing that in hours things come & go,like a feather in the wind

Shahrukh Khan Special – Romantic Heart

It’s not been so long since we started our special series on Shahrukh Khan. His personality and facts made us to start the series with his deep personality shades that…

Farah Khan shared this picture saying 'With the Forbes 2nd richest actor in the world, SRK u were rich even when u didn't hav money'.

Shahrukh Khan Special – Friend and Rival

Shahrukh Khan, aka SRK aka King Khan aka King of Bollywood aka Baadshah Khan aka Bollywood ka Baadshah aka King of Romance aka King of Awards are some most common…

Funny Faces - Hrithik Roshan and Lisa Ray channel their inner comedians.

Must Watch Pictures of Hrithik Roshan

Unseen Pictures of Hrithik Roshan

Popular bollywood stars with their sister

Bollywood Pictures on Raksha Bandhan Today

Bollywood Pictures on Raksha Bandhan Today This is how they celebrated this great Brother Sister Festival together

Rockstar Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor – Heartthrobs of Millions Now Days

Shahid Kapoor – Heartthrobs of Millions