Guru Dakshina movie Authentic Trailer

Moonwalk Production presents the authentic trailer of Guru Dakshina. The movie is directed by Kiran Phadnis, and produced by Aayush & Eshaan Phadnis under the banner of Moonwalk Production. The movie is starring Rajeev Pillai, Sulagna Panigrahi and Rajesh Shringapore in main leads.

The movie trailer is better than expectation, but is lacking enough promotion. From trailer, it seems that a Guru picks-up a orphan boy from the juvenile correctional centre. Everyone taunts this boy about his mother being a dancer, but Guru takes him for the artist in him. It also seems that after some years, when this boy grows-up, our young hero is a tool of big conspiracy. Now, he has to save his guru, himself, surrounding people, and pay-back his guru-dakshina.

The trailer is thrilling, and promising. But lack of big names, and a big budge for promotion will be the biggest minus point for this movie. For rest, we need to wait till release.

Guru Dakshina movie release date is 17-April, 2015.

Guru Dakshina movie Authentic Trailer

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