Ghayal Once Again interesting facts

New poster of Ghayal Once Again released on 16Dec15

New poster of Ghayal Once Again released on 16Dec15

The release date of Sunny Deol starer is nearing every day, and so the buzz of the movie and its leading actor Sunny Deol. Sunny Deol is trying to do a solid comeback with this movie. He is putting so much time, efforts and money to make it successful and appreciated by every viewer. Even looking at the buzz of this movie, all this seems to be working in favor of the movie.

The other interesting fact that movie is directed by Sunny Deol himself. He loved the plot of the movie and worked hard to make it loved by everyone. The entire team working hard to make it successful at box office. May be this is the reason that the release date of this movie is reschedule from 15 Jan 2016, to 5th Feb 2016.

ACP Joe Desouza is also playing an important part in the movie. On asking what was his first reaction when you had narrated the idea with him?” He Said “He loved it and thats why he is part of this project again” in a social interaction online.

Duration of GOA – 2 Hrs 7 Mins 5 secs if you watch the entire end scroll 🙂

On asking about when all 3 wanted Deols will be seen in a film again, he confirmed that all of them will be visible in a movie soon. Though Sunny Deol also interested in making a sequel of his movie Arjun in near future.

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