Gaurav Kashyap raps in style the truth of life

Enjoy listening this interesting rap by new talent Gaurav Kashyap. He is trying hard to become a successful rapper but circumstances around him are making it challenging enough. But he is still maintaining his passion and working hard to share it with the world. His passion to become a successful rapper makes him to continue with his passion even after so many difficulties in life so far.

The boys loves to write his own raps and sing in his style. All his raps are original and written by himself only. There are so many raps in his treasure that he do not want to share with the world. He is afraid that others will not give him any credit. Below is the one of the raps that he shared with us after a huge request.

We are sharing a rough video of this hidden talent, which happens by chance. Given a chance will help him to fight with all difficulties of life. He has huge potential that can only be judged by real hunter.

New Rapper Gaurav Kashyap

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New Rap by Gaurav Kashyap
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