Game Over trailer is below average

Now this cannot be said to enjoy watching the trailer of this movie, seems below average all the ways. There is loose script, direction, acting and sequences which is not going to entertain the viewers. Gurleen Chopra is not so popular name, but still some known actors performance is looking average in this loosely sequenced movie. The movie do not justify with its so common and logically blurred angles.

GAME OVER film is the story of a Con Girl who is Bold & Beautiful, Smart & Intelligent. She loves playing the game of life but somehow becomes a victim of the game and cannot run away.  Her every step is not working in favor and opening another level tough to finish.

Game Over Movie Trailer

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Review Rating: 1 Star

Movie Name: Game Over

Trailer Duration: 00:03:00

Genre: Romantic Drama

Leading Actors: Gurleen Chopra, Rajesh Sharma, Yashpal Sharma

Other Actors: Rakesh Bedi, Umesh Bajpai, Prasad Shikhre, Arham Abbasi, Zeeshan Khan, Ali Mughal

Director: Paresh Vinodray Savani

Producer: D.Vasu, Paresh Vinodray Savani, Brijesh Thakkar

Movie Release Date – 13 Oct 2017


Gurleen Chopra's Game Over movie

Gurleen Chopra’s Game Over movie


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Gurleen Chopra's Game Over movie trailer