FAN ka connection – Ho gaya to ho gaya

Recently, Yash Raj Films has launched a new video series. Its a new marketing strategy of upcoming movie, FAN. But, it is not just a marketing strategy. It is about how some of us live their life, it’s about how a fan feels and lives her/his life. Its a connection – ho gaya to ho gaya.

A fan lives in superstar’s signature life. Its about forgetting yourself in someone’s success. Its about making someone God and dedicate your life to them. Its about living a dream to praise someone for fulfilling their dreams. If you want to understand “passion”, just look into the eyes of a FAN. Fan is a person, who is vulnerable for society and family for their craziness.

Yash Raj Films “Tu Nahin Samjhega” – a special series

Teaser poster of Yash Raj's movie Fan starring Shahrukh in double roles

FAN ka connection – Ho gaya to ho gaya

“Tu Nahin Samjhega” is a special series about fans. First part is about four crazy fans of Charlie Chaplin, Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Jackson and Amitabh Bachchan.

Second part is about biggest fan club of biggest superstar – Shahrukh Khan Universe. Third part is about Vishal Singh aka ViShahrukh Khan and his family from Lucknow.

Fourth part is about twins brothers Mujeeb Rehman and Sajeeb Rehman, founders of SRK Fans Center. They always try to provide happiness to as much people as possible, to those who really needs it. Fifth part is about love of worldwide fans to King Khan.

This special series can be start of new marketing era. Such series were also used in past for stars promotion, but this time it is from Yash Raj Films and for a movie promotion. This may be due to magic of movie name. But, it will be definitely interesting to watch such promotions in future.

FAN ka connection – Ho gaya to ho gaya

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