Ek Tera Saath movie on paranormal activities

New upcoming movie Ek Tera Saath motion poster is released today. It created interesting buzz with its title and the story that is based on paranormal activities. Its the story about paranormal activities happening around in our regular life but remains unnoticed or untouched due to weird experience. The movie of the story includes few spirits in the house who were upset due to the renovations done on the bungalow.

Ek Tera Saath Movie Teaser Poster

Ek Tera Saath Movie Teaser Poster

Ek Tera Saath is releasing on 14 Oct 2016

The movie starring Sharad Malhotra, Hritu Dudani, Melanie Nazereth, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Deepraj Rana, Gargi Patel, Aprajita Mahajan, Anubhav Dhir and others. It’s directed by Arshad Siddiqui, and produced by Produced by Eyefaa Studio, Pradeep K Sharma, V. Nazareth.

Ek Tera Saath Movie Motion Poster

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