Call for Fun Comedy Movie Trailer

As the name reflects, Call For Fun is a adult hindi comedy film that addresses the mindset and lifestyle of the millennial generation. A group of college stundents comes up with an idea of opening a  call center to satisfy the callers over phone. They all are fun loving and adventurous college students with a simple motto of earning money but also want to deliver with speed as the need. But suddenly they end up in a series of misadventures events and learns real life experience. It seems funny overall, but this low budget is not going to be extraordinary at box office in any context, but just an average entertainer.

Call for Fun Comedy Movie Trailer

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Review Rating: 2 Star

Movie Name: Call For Fun

Trailer Duration: 2:06

Genre: Comedy

Leading Actors: Zaan Khan, Shubhangi Mehrotra

Other Actors: Charu Asopa

Director: Janak Toprani

Producer: Hardik Patel and Film Quest Entertainment

Movie Release Date – To be announced


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Call for Fun Comedy Movie Trailer
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