Bollywood and Aspirants? You must know this

Beware of fraud casting call agents

Beware of fraud casting call agents

If you believe Pooja Bhatt then you must get it. Pooja Bhatt is amazed, surprised and tensed for what is happening with her now days. A fraud casting agent is using her name for opportunities at her studio.

She shared the incident, in a social websites. In her own words:

A young lady & Bollywood hopeful arrived at my house at 5.30 AM saying a certain Rajeev Malhotra who claims to be my casting agent sent her.

She went on to insist she also ‘spoke to me’ on FB & I confirmed the same.This is dangerous as obviously,someone is masquerading as me on FB

No agent or coordinator represents me.This man claiming to be ‘Rajeev Malhotra-96678#####’is attempting to use my name & mislead young women

More than 50% of the co-ordinators out there have no access to people who actually launch stars.They lie to young aspirants & exploit them.

It concerns me that innocents,with stars in their eyes will be taken advantage of by sharks who scour the shallow waters of fame for a kill.

Clarifying again that no casting agents represent me.If you do wish to work with me contact me directly at

She also informed “
Someone running Alia’s ‘s FAKE ‘verified page’ quotes her as thanking a Nk Productions Ltd for managing her account. Do the math folks!”

Alia Bhatt also confirmed that “I do not have a Facebook page ! All pages being handled are fake.. Please do not follow”

A big TNANKYOU to Pooja Bhatt for sharing such incident. There are many other incidents happening in bollywood that need to be shared with everyone for the sake of humanity and better Bollywood.

We hope that this event will be a solid eye opener for all Bollywood aspirants across country and overseas. Beware of all the fraudsters and take care all necessary steps for your safety before landing into the world of entertainment called ‘Bollywood’.

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