Why Varun Dhawan killed Bahubali
Varun Dhawan poses as Kattappa when swording to Prabhas

Varun Dhawan poses as Kattappa when swording to Prabhas

Actor Prabhas do not attend all parties, but he could not deny to visit when Karan Johar celebrated a party recently.

There were many bollywood celebrities present in the event, and Bahubali fame Prabhas was happy to meet all but Varun Dhawan basked the moment smartly. He clicked a pic with the actor posing famous style of first sequel of Bahubali. This question is over, yet people as showing same amount of interest for this pic. Let’s hope this pic will create extra buzz for both the actors.

There is also huge buzz that Prabhas may enter in Bollywood with an action entertainer soon. So this event has really worked in his favor. Don’t get surprised if you hear an official announcement soon.

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