Bahubali The Conclusion collection and lesions for Bollywood to inspire

Bahubali 2 movie poster with release date

Bahubali 2 movie poster with release date

Bahubali The conclusion is making noise everywhere. The movie is doing great in all areas. It’s like polling time when all the fans and followers wants to vote for the movie. They are loving every bit of Bahubali 2. The entire buzz made it crazy for the cinegoers and the movie blasted at the box office with net 121 crs in first day of the release, from all over India. Its overseas collection is also breaking all records. The movie is certainly the only one which is going to revolutionize the entertainment world in India.

Bahubali The conclusion Hindi version collected 41 crs on day one, and its Telugu + Tamil + Malayalam version collected around 80 crs on first Friday. This is not it, the wave is still continue. The movie may end up in first week by collecting around 200 crs from just Hindi language version. The buzz speaks that it will break all records by setting new unbreakable record. The South entertainment Industry is all going to lead the entertainment world in India by this year end.

First part of the sequel set new benchmarks for all big directors and producers. The this sequel is all going to take it to another level which is going to be difficult in near future. There are rare Bollywood directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rajkumar Hirani, Rohit Shetty, Anurag Kashyap and few others who can try to make it big in Bollywood in their style but all that looks impossible in near future. Karan Johar is already associated with Bahubali 2, so can be ignored. Bollywood is about to take long to produce such large scale movie.

A few years ago, south cinema was not a choice for many viewers. But they worked on it to expand its reach by releasing good movies in TVs. People start loving it and it becomes a choice of many. The entire process was a loss of Bollywood movie viewers. People and kids started spending more time with watch South movies. The primary reason of this shift was that Bollywood has been producing average movies and marketing it too much to create a hype. Viewers are going in cinemas for good entertainment, but hey are coming back with limited experience and enjoy.

Whenever any good movie is releasing, its being welcomed by the audiences. Be it in the context of rich content, direction, songs or actors but Bollywood is still following the same principals of making big budget movies. Some good movies have been here but these are not strong enough to make a crazy world like Bahubali series has done in such short span. The thoughts and approach of Bollywood needs to be changed or revised to stay at top in India.

There are so many viewers worldwide who love watching Bollywood movies. The entire industry will see a drastic change if a good movie matches there expectations. There will be new records and crazy love flowing that will take the box office collection of Bollywood movies to another level. The only think is to make movies that will bring each and every person to come and watch movie in cinema halls with family and friends.

Bahubali 2 is a masterpiece, and will remain forever. As a fact, it is going to leave a huge impression on Bollywood filmmakers, and they must be craving to achieve it as well.

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