Baaraat Company movie trailer

Ranveer Kumar and Sandeepa Dhar starrer Baaraat Company movie trailer promises an interesting romantic comedy flick scheduled to release on 28 July 2017. It is the story of a Baaraat Company from Lucknow, where an old person is getting retire and gives the responsibilities of his business to his boy, Ranveer Kumar. The boy is handling it in his style but it takes a dramatic twist when he meet with leading lady being played by Sandeepa Dhar. After initial tussle, he got crush on her. They fall in love and the story takes romantic twists now. Rest is how they face the situation, will they be able to get married or what else.

Sandeepa Dhar is most interesting in this trailer. It looks she will be getting good response from the movie. Ranveer Kumar is looking average but probably a demand of script as well. Let see if this Baaraat company is really strong enough to create the magic to woo the viewers. Scheduled to release on 28 July 2017.

Baaraat Company Movie Authentic Trailer

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Review Rating: 2 Star
Movie Name: Baaraat Company

Trailer Duration: 2:23
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Leading Actors: Sandeepa Dhar, Ranveer Kumar
Other Actors: Vishal Karwal, Anurita Jha
Director: Syed Ahmed Afzal
Producer: Archana Chanda
Movie Release Date – 28 July 2017


Baaraat Company movie poster

Baaraat Company movie poster


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Baaraat Company Movie Trailer