Aamir Khan’s brother Faissal Khan Return

Faissal Khan in upcoming Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq movie

Faissal Khan in Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq movie

Known as mental khan of Bollywood, Aamir Khan’s younger brother Faisal Khan’s comeback film Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq is ready for release and likely to be in cinemas on 16 Oct 2015. The movie stars Faissal Khan and Inayat Sharma in lead roles.

This movie is directed by Sharique Minhaj and is a love story nurtured in the terror affected KASHMIR…amidst the leaves of CHENAR. Though it is set in Kashmir, there is no terrorism in the backdrop. The characters are grey and it shows the romance in Kashmir from the 70s and 80s. The film is based on a Kashmiri novel titled Jheel Jalti Hai by Farooq Ahmad Renzu. The movie is produced by Rajesh R Jain under the banner of Shagun Films.

Faissal Khan, did Madhosh and Mela kinda interesting and flopped movies before but could not set him as a successful actor. Both Madhosh and Mela flopped, things went bad for him those days. His other movies did average business but not talked too much about. Later, some of his films didn’t even find a release and he started scripts reading with Aamir Khan. Now he is back with this movie and also doing Sharique directing Mental Khan (tentative title), which is being produced by MNS Films and expected to roll early next year.

New Faisal Khan is looking much refined then before. May be this is correct time for him to return as there are audience for all kinda movies. Wishing all the best to him and team Chinar Daastaan-E-Ishq.

Authentic Trailer of Chinar Daastan-e-Ishq movie:


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